Being a part of international container network East Atlantic offers a wide specter of container buy and sell options and locations. We sell containers all over the world operating with over 100 depots and hubs. East Atlantic is able to offer different types of ISO shipping containers improve your current needs. As well as CW (cargo worthy) units you can offer new build ones matching your color and design requests.
A one-trip used container is exactly that — a container that was shipped one time with cargo and then resold as a “one-trip” product. Its interior will be almost mark-free with a clean floor with no major marks or stains.
These containers are free of holes and major dents, fully functioning, secure, and safe. CWO guarantees a structurally sound shipping container, although it is not guaranteed to be in perfect cosmetic condition. A CSC plate placed on the door certifies that this shipping container has been inspected and is allowed to be used for oversea shipping.
Wind and Watertight
These containers are perfect for storage, although they might not be certified for shipping or exporting materials. WWT promises a structurally sound container, as seen with the “wind and watertight” title, although there are likely a few dents or scratches on the outside.
Containers with this grading have no guarantees, meaning a container can present itself in any condition. They normally have major damages like dents and rust, missing steel sections, damaged doors, and rotten floors. These shipping containers aren’t guaranteed to be suitable for exports, although, with repairs, storage could be possible.

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